Monday, December 26, 2011

Kauai Adventure Cont.

December 13th, my flight departs at 9:25 and that all to familiar childlike feeling of adventure calls. I gave my grandma a kiss as she stays half asleep in bed, and I set off for the airport. Dec. 13th isn’t just a typical day. This day was my grandfather Charles E. Links birthday, which my grandma had reminded me of the night before. She loves to tell me reminiscent stories of there travels together, that her fondest memories of there life was there ability to experience new adventures year after year together.
So here I am off on one of my own adventure, but Charles this ones for you! Miss you and happy birthday! My goal on this trip is to focus on the present moment...Enjoying every moment entirely.
 I met up with my travel partners, the Eyre family,and we began our adventure together. The whole stay was spent in lodging directly viewing the ocean. At times the view was framed by palm trees, reminding me of photographs I have been seeing all my life...but here it is right here in front of me. 
I met up with my friend Janelle Timmons who I met years ago at kirkwood. She is a ripping life long skier turned surfer which made for an adventurous day. She picked me up in her truck full of fun toys and we took off to the north shore for a exciting day of surfing. I was humbled by being the most inexperienced person on the line. Janelle was patient and encouraging which helped keep the confidence high, even after many face plants into the ocean. Janelle in my mind was killing it even though she seemed a little bored at times. 
After hours of laughing, crashing, and at times exhaustion, I found my self being pushed into waves by Laird Hamilton. It was like everyone became my biggest fan. Thanks man! 
Not to mention I was surrounded by these mountains of emerald green, jetting strait up from the ocean. Another deep breath, and again, another thanks for these amazing gifts in life. After paddling back into shore, about a quarter of a mile and some bomb sushi for dinner. So fresh and delicious!
My trip continued to be jam packed with the beauty of a jungly tropical paradise and fun, fun, fun. Attempts at Stand Up Paddle boarding. Which is very difficult when you fall cause those boards are heavy, and when you have one attached to your ankle it feels like the wave could rip my leg off. Add a reef ocean surface into the mix. I had some adrenaline going at times for sure. 
There were so many options of how to experience Kauai. From Hula lessons, zip lines 265ft off the ground, botanical gardens, snorkeling, hiking, and of course to surfing. I have a feeling I made my 9 day trip worthy for the memory bank.
All the while designing my winter plans. Registration for the North Face Masters was a success. Figuring out my schedule which will include the Daren Ralves tour along with working close to full time, and online classes. Yeah!

This coming year no doubt is going to be fast and full of good times! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

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