Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Daron Rahlves Banzai at Squaw

Placed 2nd at the 3rd stop of the Bazai tour. Yahoo!
This was such a wild ride for sure. The temps were high creating a slushy and  bumpy course. Through the qualifiers and into the semi finals I was feeling very strong.
The finals were a other story. I came out of the start last with girls boards nocking mine, which was a new thing to me, for contact isn't something you worry about in big mountain contests. So to make the passes to try and recover from a not so great start I had my work cut out for me. Honestly I feel the video will show all when it air at the end of April. I felt like I forgot how to snowboard. I was able to make two passes but with about 5-10 hand touches, but checks, and legit falls I was unable to catch the winning woman.

2nd is great and I am very excited to see what next weekends course at Sugar Bowl has in store for us.

A big congrats to everyone who entered this event. It's always a challenge and also a ton of fun!

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