Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1st Place at my home...Yahoo! 2nd stop of the North Face Masters, Kirkwood

This last weekend at Kirkwood was the 2nd stop of the North Face Masters Tour. Day one I finished 2nd and with th random order chosen I would be starting last on day 2 in the Kirkwood's beautiful face, the Cirque. This is only my third year on the whole North Face Tour but this is my 5th time competing in the infamous Cirque. Every time I drop into this face my heart is racing part of nervousness and part the excitement of another adventure.  With consideration that we have had an extremely low snow year we had our start much lower on the face then in years past. I actually had to ride down to the normal traverse for the Thunder Saddle with fellow competitors, Tiffany Noel and Ashley Thornton, to find that we would be the first to face a 200ft. hike up through the actual venue to get to the start. We all felt like true mountaineers. With the knowledge that I started last I chose to start my way putting in the boot pack. Starting last I would have the most time to recover.

After the treck to the start was over the anticipation for my run began. I had a couple lines in mind but one of which that I was the most intimidated by had the highest scoring line ended up being the one that would lead me to my first win on the North Face Masters Tour. It was my first time riding last which isn't ideal in my book, for all the ladies on the tour have become very close and watching your friends shred has become one of the high lights of the contest. Of course I embraced my start position and enjoyed watching my talented competitors rip the top section before I would loose sight of them at the blind roll over. I was especially impressed with Iris Lazz, Camilla Brown, and of course Shannon Yates confidence and just all around charging. Honestly I was getting pretty nervous. When it came time for me to drop in my heart was racing at the gate. Once out the gate everything went calm. It was time to have some fun and shred the sickest face on the tour. Yeah! I stomped all my airs and stayed in control through the avalanche depree and also was able to get some face shots along the way. My favorite part of my run had to be coming to the finish with some of my greatest friends cheering me on. Laura Dewey had trown down the current leading score which placed her in the hot seat. I waited for my score and it came up as an 80.33 just a few points ahead but enough to give me the top spot. Honestly I still can't believe it happened.
I am now sitting in first on the tour with very few points over Shannon Yates. I will have my work cut out for me at Snowbird to keep that top overall position. 

I want to thank my family and friends for all there love and support over the past year. It has been a wild ride at times but with hard work and good intent I feel the universe is showing me my way.
Also thanks to my sposors for being so supportive over this past season! 
Thanks for helping my dreams become a reality.

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  1. Hi Casey, just wanted to congratulate you! We met briefly at Dave and Christy's during the Kirkwood Masters. Wishing you luck this week @ Snowbird (I assume you're there). It was nice meeting you, and I look forward to reading through your most inspiring blog. Chao chica, y suerte.

    Sandra (and Kobe the lab)