Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More South America Pictures, Sorry for the delay!

I have been back home from South America for over two weeks now. I am missing the snow, but enjoying life in Tahoe to the max! Friday is the "official" last day of summer, which means preparations for the winter season ahead. I can't wait to shred Kirkwood again with my friends.

If you don't travel much you, may take for granted the luxury of eating "right"and being able to excursive regularly. It has been a main focus since I got home to get back into top shape for snowboarding fun. This was my first trip out of the country so I had a rude awakening on how fast you can get out of shape, especially if two meals out of the day consist of white bread and Dulce de Leche.
Oh do I miss the Dulce de Leche;) 

Again I am sorry for the delay on these pics, but I hope you enjoy!
Learning spanish in the Panama air port. We were hoping a couple cocktails would ease the insecurities of  little to no way to communicate. 

View of Cerro Catedral from our hotel room. Not much coverage.

Another awesome surprise, the festival celebrating SNOW, the hour we arrive. 
Argentina really know how to have a prey for snow party!

Ok, here I am with a touristy comment. They put hats on your snowboard.

I love my Never Summer Lotus!

The crazy road to El Colorado

Super stoked to see friends from the states here in Chile.

A memorial at the top of the resort, in memory of cat drivers, who had died in an avalanche years past. 
Josh on top of the world!

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