Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Living the Dream in Tahoe!

This summer has been pretty amazing here in Tahoe. From a fantastic July 4th, watching fire works at the new El Dorado Beach Amphitheater. My favorite days have to be heading out on the boat with my partner, mountain biking, and jumping off stuff into the clear blue.

I don't want anyone to think I am not a hard worker. I am the type that works to live, not one that lives to work. As a massage therapist this time of year in Tahoe gets really slammed. Along with a few days a week training at Cross Fit, I am successfully staying productive. It's interesting that this is the first year that I am taking training for the winter season seriously. Last fall I trained at Cross Fit six weeks before the season and it made such a huge difference in my riding. Just learning every year how to make things easier and more fun! Staying in shape is key.

Feeling very blessed. My family comes up to Tahoe every year to the Presbyterian Conference Center. They have these amazing old cabins right on the lake. Nothing like watching a sun set on Lake Tahoe from Zephyr Point, with the most amazing grandma on the planet. She's inspiring, just broke her Tibia and Fibula last year and was able to hike all around the point. Thanks for the genetics and your strong will!

My family has always been so supportive in everything I do, which I feel is key to full life. With out them I have no idea where I would be today.

Well, Hope everyone else is having a great summer and not feeling the winter itch as much as I am. Enjoy the moment, don't let it escape you.

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