Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Camping Trip to Lost Lakes

What a blast! Josh and I headed to Lost Lakes, a couple weeks ago, for a quick over night trip. After work I rushed home, to have the truck packed and everything ready to go. Pretty nice! Thanks Josh.

The 4x4 road out there gave us instant adrenaline. The wide Chevy seemed a little cramped on this narrow eroded out drive. Josh handled it, while I made weird nervous noises in the passenger seat, along with shrills of excitement.
We did make it to the top. 

Brought our ski gear hoping that the patch of snow, many locals in this area love to shred in the summer, was still available. Unfortunately we found that it was entirely melted out.
 So we made our way to the lake. Set up camp and set off on another adventure, night bike ride to the upper lake. Feeling our way around cause visibility was close to none. Laughing was a constant and an epic sunset to boot!

The next day we checked out a spot that is accessible for shredding in the winter. It looked so insane with no snow. We hiked around and took a swim before heading out.

 I hope you enjoy some of the pics!

All in all it was an amazing night trip. More summer fun to come!


  1. This is the story of our camping trip taken on July 24th-25th at Lost Creek (lake) Campground. click the next website

  2. If you took the road behind red lake, I know what you mean about that rocky ridge. I've always been the driver, but can only imagine being the one looking down. I usually head to blue lakes that way, or fish the streams halfway from red. But I always bring my board to ride the patch, a few hundred yards before the ridge. Head that way on June 8, 2013 for a patch party weekend!