Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chile was a blast! Now back home in beautiful Tahoe.

Chile was amazing. I have not spent much time in big cities so it was a great experience to hang out in Santiago. I got to ride on the first legit train in my life, other then a small train in the airport. Pretty amazing that you can get all the way across the city for one dollar. I wish we had better public transportation in this area. Maybe soon!

 Josh and I stayed with an amazing family. The father was an exchange student my mother met when she was in high school. They reconnected on face book a couple years ago and now I am staying with his family in Chile. Pretty great!

Again everyone was very patient when we didn't know how to express our selves. We all had fun in the house at dinner trying to understand and follow the conversations. Everyone laughed a lot. This family was so beautiful, everyone was happy to help out each other. They were all so grateful to have us there which made this really fun.

As far as the snow goes, we didn't have as great of luck as we did in Argentina. It was spring snow with little coverage. The terrain is amazing and when it's good I know exactly where I want to be! This venue at El Colorado was amazing. Endless features to choose from and a huge viewing point at the bottom to scope out the next lines. Thanks to Sol, and the El Colorado marketing crew for helping us make the trip happen.

The road heading up to the mountain was insane there were at least 40, 180 degree turns to get to the top of this road. We took a bus from Santiago and this guys was not messing around! I think I got all my adrenaline that day from the ride.

After about 30 hours of travel I am back home. Josh still has a few weeks left in Chile so I am crossing my fingers for more snow.

I will have some more pictures up soon.

Summer is ending soon which means winter here in hopefully 3 months!

Back to work, bikes, great friends, and Cross Fit. Life is good.

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