Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good Bye Argentina...Hello Chile!

What an amazing trip to Bariloche. Beautiful people, sick terrain,  and Powder!

Josh had a blast in the Red Bull event. All the athletes skied great and put on a epic show for the spectators. The way this event is set up, there are jumps built on a big mountain face. Riders get to be creative throwing tricks off the jumps and shredding big lines. All the athletes were fluid and giving it there all.

Even though I was only spectating at the event. I had a blast. Hanging with all my new friends that I have met and shredding plenty of my own lines.

 Josh and I head to Santiago today, for another chapter of the trip. Not sure which mountains we will be riding for sure yet, so stayed tuned for more fun!

Enjoy the pics!

Red Bull Beyond the Line

Rock jibb from Red Bull event

Endless amazing views


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