Friday, October 5, 2012

Never Summer Premier in Denver Colorado

What a fun weekend! I was stoked to be greeted by my great friend Mary Boddington, and her boyfriend Andrew, when I arrived in Denver. Both of which are also Never Summer Team riders. Mary and I met doing the North Face Masters events. She has always been so strong and an inspiration on the snow. Just check out some of this footage. This is from 2011 season.

Friday night we settled in at her brothers house. Enjoyed a few beverages at numerous establishments. Saturday we went to a BBQ where I was able to meet more of the team riders. Everyone was in high spirits and excited about the premier that evening. We played horse shoes, bean bag in the hole, and ate a ton of amazing food. Once it was time, we all caravanned to the premier. It was in deep Denver. Totally hilarious scene, many people had dressed up in there Talladega Nights attire, in hopes to win some free shwagg, which included a Never Summer board. The creativity was great and everyone had a blast!

Gags was amazing as the MC for the night. A DJ played some Dub style music which was a hit, and a band all dressed as nuns covering Clash songs finished off the music for the evening. 

The Never Summer film was awesome. Days of Chunder was a hit! Watching snowboard films never gets old, there's nothing like premier season to get you fired up for snow. NS has a very talented crew and I am excited to get involved in the making of next years film.

Andrew shredding during the skate session.

Molly and Alli tossing bean bags.
You wouldn't see these guys in Tahoe, but man I am glad I came to Denver to see them!

Never Summer Riders as Talladega Nights
Never Summer lovers from all over Colorado

Sunday was a chill day where we enjoyed a lovely day at the  Denver Aquarium.  I have not been to an aquarium for  many years so this was a special treat. From clown fish to Great Whites we were able to enjoy a broad range of water creatures. The mermaids had gone back to the ocean for the day so unfortunately we didn't get a photo shoot with them.
Next Time!

Welcome to the jungle:)

Lobsters rocking out in the coolest place I have ever scene.
Mary Boddington and Henry Boddington, looking pretty small next to this massive fish.
Nothing like a shark and a turtle cruising over your head in the middle of the city.

I took off for California on Monday, before we headed to the airport, we all made a quick stop at the Never Summer factory. Yahoo:)
Micah, our team manager, gave us a tour of the place. Stoping off at every station and explained how the process of making the greatest boards works. Thanks Micah for answering all of our questions!

Never Summer uses some of the best materials. From carbon fiber dampeners, P-tex side walls, fiberglass and wood core, as well as rubber used for dampening. This gives you the smoothest ride possible, with unmatched responsiveness. There is much more technology that goes into making a NS board so check it out for your self.
It's no surprise that Outside Magazine chose the NS Proto CT/CTX as it's, Gear of the Year!

Gags, Micah and I

Micah giving us the tour. Beautiful Mary B and Andrew stoked as always.

P-tex Yeah!

2012-13 Lotus and Infinity Top Sheets

Rubber and Carbon Fiber so we can go fast!

This action packed weekend was great, though I am excited to be back in Tahoe. Biking season is coming to a close, so get out there an make the most of your fall days! For those of you following my blog, thanks for the support.

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