Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Powder is Coming! Josh and I fit in possibly the last bike ride of the season on Coral:)

The storm was quickly approaching, and thankfully Josh is always inspired to do something active and fun. He came home from work, and we took off hoping the snow would not freeze us before we got to the top. Coral loop is a fun cross country trail which is a quick pedal, and a blast going down. Especially when you have wet dirt and some snow to top it off.

This video is a whopping four minutes long, but please try to bear through it. The last clip really shows how much it started dumping. The next day shredding the mountain was on for those who had the day free. Awoke to a foot of snow here in South Lake. Life is beautiful:)

Thanks to this latest storm, Kirkwood Mountain Resort will be opening early! So please come and join us! It will be a blast. Cold nights have been keeping the snow fresh, which means face shots for everyone!

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