Monday, November 26, 2012

First Day Snowmobiling!

What an great day! My partner Josh and I to my new led out on it's madden voyage. It's a real process preparing for a day out; loading the sleds on the truck, making food, gassing up, packing my beacon, shovel and probe. Josh stepped up and taught me the ropes. I knew there was powder out and he has been jonesing like the wrest of us. Thanks Joshy!

Early on I knew I had purchased a great machine. It ran great all day. The sky was blue and the snow was epic. Thankfully the snow had great traction and with very little skill I managed to stay unstuck most of the day. 

Josh got me to ride down this steep hill that went about 300ft down. I honestly don't know if I have been that gripped in a long time. These machines weight an insane amount so when it's sliding down a hill they want to go! I made it with little grace, but didn't crash and that's what's important right:)

Heading back to shred Kirkwood tomorrow. Can't wait for my next shredding adventure! Pray for more snow:) and Happy Holidays!

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