Thursday, March 28, 2013

2nd Epic Euro Trip 2013, Yeah Hoo!

I headed to Europe for the last stops of the FWT. Stoked to 

travel with Josh for the first leg of the trip. This made things 

pretty easy going and I was much less homesick while he was 

around. The venue in Austria was incredible. The conditions where 

variable though I managed to find some of the deepest turns thus far this season.
I placed 3rd in FWT Fieberbrunn, Austria, which was not enough to

get me into the finals in Verbier. I went from 2nd in North America to 5th in the

world. My hope is to get another chance at the world

title. I know it’s in me and I will not give up!

After Fieberbrunn I traveled to Chamonix. I have been traveling a bit last minute

and forgot that you needed to book hotels in Europe in advanced. They don’t have
clerks at the desk in most hotels 24-7 like we have at home.  I got worried that I may be

sleeping on the street, when I started chatting with this sweet scottish girl. I told her
my situation and she let me know then that she has a family chalet in Cham, that I

could stay in for free. It was absolutely gorgeous with an amazing view from the

valley floor. On this trip I have experienced many gifts like this. Europeans have proven to me to

be some of the most hospitable and generous people.

I did travel to Switzerland to watch the finals event. Verbier is such a magical place. The

mountains are huge! This seems to be the mecca of freeriding. One day I had the

opportunity to ride the deepest snow of the season in some incredible terrain. The

conditions for the event where great. The snow was moving, which added an even

more intense feeling to the already daunting Bec de Rosses. If you don’t know this

face, look it up. It is absolutely insane, and what the athletes manage to do is mind


The woman's face looked beautiful, to be honest I was a bit jealous to not be part of

the event. It was a bitter sweet couple days. If I had to prepare for the event, I would

have missed out on my best day of the season. There is always positive out of

something seemingly negative if your willing to be open. I had a great time spectating, met

tons of incredible people for all over the world, and saw my friends shred the Bec!


From Verbier I have now traveled back to Austria. I will be hanging with the female

ski overall world champion, Nadine Wallner. We have plans to relax and freeride.

Hoping to get some shooting in with her local filming crew. It’s nice to know that the
stress of contests is over and now I get to ride and be creative with my snowboarding

through filming and shooting photos. More from the trip to come!

Thanks again to everyone! This season is slowing down a bit though much more fun to come. Keep

living life to the max. Challenge yourself, to do things that are scary. Don’t waist a second.

Anything you want in life is possible!

Bec De Rosses!

A hero of mine in snow sports, Racheal Burks

Ladies ski podium. The ski woman showed much strength and kept the crowed on there feat! Go ladies!

Mens Podium, Go Laurent!

Backstrom laid it all out there in his winning run, if you have not seen it... watch it! So sick!

I had an awesome season with these ladies:) Woman's snowboard podium.

Little kids:)

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