Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Shred Life!

Life on the road! These last couple months have been a crazy adventure. My season has gone as follows...

Chile and Argentina: for training and to support Josh in the Red Bull Beyond the Line contest.
Trip to Mt. Baker in search for early season Powder
Revelstoke BC FWT 4th
Chamonix Mount Blanc FWT 4th
Rahlves Banzai Kirkwood 1st
Rahlves Banzai Alpine 1st
North Face Masters Squaw Valley  FQT 4*  2nd
Kirkwood Mountain Resort FWT 4th
Rahlves Banzai Squaw Valley 3rd

My season is more then half way over and I still have much more ahead. I head to Fieberbrunn tomorrow and will be in Europe until April. I am really excited to ride some soft snow and explore the mountains in Europe.

 Traveling this year has been a huge learning experience, not only on my board but also with in my self. Last August was the first time I had ever left the country. Learning to have confidence traveling alone and with others. This all can be very challenging at times yet more importantly always an exciting adventure. I am learning that the sky’s the limit. You can do anything you want in life. The only thing limiting you is you!

My partner Josh and I will both be competing in the Austria event. It’s always fun to travel together. He and I have a really easy going relationship.  We laugh a ton and support each other in our dreams and goals.
My plan in Austria is to stomp my run and head into the finals. I know the other ladies are hungry too, so I will have to stay positive, relax, see my line, and shred it hard! I am always excited to see everyones lines, from all the male and female, ski and snowboard. Everyone has there own way of showing there creativity and style on the mountain. I have not completed a run clean thus far on the world tour which has been a bit discouraging. That’s all part of the process of growth in life. Stoked to throw down a clean run!

 This season I have been able to practice my interviewing skills. It’s pretty intense at times though for those of you who know me personally, I love to talk. When I finally relax and get going I actually have a lot of fun sharing my story and love for snowboarding.

I hope you enjoy these few videos and links. I will be updating my blog through out my Europe trip. Thanks for the support and following my travels. It’s been  an amazing ride, and I will continue to take full advantage of the blessings ahead!

Kirkwood Banzai, cat track air! Yeahoo! So fun:)

New friends and old at the North Face Masters, Squaw Valley.

Kevin, Josh, and I having a blast shredding Revelstoke.

Banzai action with amazing ladies!

Miss you Sonja! Shred with you soon:)

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