Saturday, March 9, 2013

Austria! Freeride World Tour Stop #5

I have been in Austria for just a couple days now. The event is on hold until conditions get better in the venue. At this time the venues snowpack is extremely unstable. We are hoping for a significant change in the next few days!
In the mean time we all will be enjoying the Fieberbrunn resort. Exploring another mountain has been fun! This place has some incredible terrain, which you can see from the pics. We have also been enjoying the festivities. Bib draw was a blast and the party following gave the athletes an opportunity to cut loose on the dance floor.

I will keep up dating my blog through out the event regarding the event and other shenanigans.
We are on our way! Just 11+ hours on this plane:)

Things to keep us laughing.

The venue in Fieberbrunn.

Mud slide in venue, hoping for a ton of snow this week.

FWT has been working hard, check out this impressive viewing sight.

Spectators viewing point.

Josh inspecting venue.

Heli taking start gate to the top.

Sun dog! Storms a brew'n!