Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Time in Tahoe

The transition back into home life has been a bit difficult. I bet everyone hearing this is thinking, "Oh I feel so sorry for you." Which I totally understand. Though it's where I am at. Coming home to processing taxes, back working at the spa, looking into next years commitments. Life for me continues to be productive, just on a different level.

I am excited to get back in shape. You don't realize what a luxury home is until your on the road for a while. Eating what you want, sleeping in your own bed, excessing regularly, are all key components to my overall well-being. To top it off spring in Lake Tahoe is so incredible. Blue sky and the hot sun inspires my mind. I look forward to days spent on the beach and riding bikes with friends.

I do love the summer months, and yet I can't get my mind off the next available moment to shred powder. It's a funny debate in my head, "I have to head to South America again, or maybe New Zealand... No you have to hang in Tahoe and save money for next winter.."
After a long drawn out conversation, I force myself to stop, live in the present moment, and accept that what will be, will be. Just enjoy being where your at.

The moment is now...So here I am in beautiful Lake Tahoe, bring on the Sun!

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