Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lake Tahoe Adventures!

Summer has started out with a bang. Back to massage therapy full-time and feeding the fire for fun through water adventures, mountain biking, Crossfit, and more.

I had the fortunate opportunity to shoot with photographer, Rachid Dahnoun. We both had some fun ideas for some summer action shots, I only hope to get more throughout the season.
We have been friends for many years,  which makes for some fun times and harmless banter. Thankfully aspiring photographer Noah Skye Lowe, came to our rescue and helped with the production.
The first shoot was mountain biking on a fast fun cross-country style ride, Van Sickle. The trail starts at the top of Kingsbury Grade, and descends to the Van Sickle Bi-State Park, located near the Heavenly village. We shot the semi technical rock stairs which are lower on the trail. This zone has an epic view of the lake. I felt extremely blessed that evening, as we got to enjoy the sun descend.

Van Sickle Fun!

Later on that week we took advantage of some clear skies and calm winds, to do a SUP Board shoot. Unfortunately for me, it was 28 degrees on the water. We arrived to Kiva beach at 5:30am. At this time the sand was covered in a beautiful layer of frost, and a thick fog layer lingering over the lake. I was determined to accomplish our mission, so I took off my comfortable warm clothing and experienced 28 degrees to my core. When ever I would come to shore to warm up, the top layer of water on the board quickly turned to ice. I kept thinking, why am I doing this! That answer is actually quite simple, being entirely in the moment is what I live for. I had never seen the lake with this layer of fog, even after living in Tahoe for over 10 years. 
Ice on the board, what am I thinking!

Unforgettable moment on Lake Tahoe.

After Rachid got the shots he wanted, we headed over to this beautiful area in Zephyr Cove. This part of the lake has some of the bluest water and is scattered with large granite boulders. By this time the temperature came up to around the 40 range, and after experiencing below freezing this seemed like summer. The sun was up and I enjoyed peaceful paddle. 
 Again Rachid was quick and efficient, creating some breath taking images. I hope you enjoy! Check out www. for more of his outstanding work.

Thanks for letting me share these fun experiences, there will be more to come!

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