Monday, September 16, 2013

Lake Powell is Awesome!

The boys setting out on an adventure.


Front flips are sooo scary, but I nailed it! Stoked cause when I don't it's a face plant:)

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

My latest road trip was an absolute surprise, in more ways then one. Josh let me know a few weeks ago he would be going on a family trip to Lake Powell. I had heard a bit about the area but had know idea what to expect. The spa I work at decided to close for two weeks for a remodel, so of course I had no choice but to head to Arizona. 
The day before we left I google searched Lake Powell pictures, and quickly realized this time away from work was a blessing! 
After a 12 hour drive from Lake Tahoe to Powell, we met up with family and celebrated our arrival with a cold adult beverage. The sky was dark, we where dreaming of what the landscape possibly looked like through the darkness. After a couple drinks and laugh's, we slept through the night and awoke to a hot sunny day. I got out of bed in the back of the pick-up, rubbed my eyes and POW! Lake Powell! The water is turquoise blue and the cliffs jetted straight up, at times over 1,000 ft. It was most definitely game on! Fun time!

Ashley sending a golf ball to outer space! 

We had many memorable moments on the lake. The ones that stand out most in my mind where, wake boarding through a tight cannon, cliff jumping, an intense rainstorm producing tons of waterfalls, and of course the suns daily rise and fall. 

First time wake boarding, not a bad time at all. I was like a kid in a candy store,!

This has and will continue to be a memorable trip. I am so grateful to Josh’s uncle, Joe, for motivating all of us to join him on his adventure. For it was his adventure, he has a long bucket list and Powell is now checked from the list. The only question I have is when do I get to go back again? 

The last sunrise for me on the Lake! Unforgettable! 

Mischievous Josh, ready to soak someone with his fish water gun.
Justin and Evan, Killing it!
Thanks to this man, I had a trip of a lifetime! Thanks Joe Daiek!

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