Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Canyons Resort! Awesome bike park!

This summer has been packed full of fun experiences and adventures.  Canyons was one of my favorite spots to bike this summer. After our trip to Lake Powell, we headed up to Ogden, and stayed with Josh's cousin, Evan. It rained almost the entire time we where there which made for some awesome biking conditions. It was a no brainer to head to the bike park.
 Canyons is packed with fun jump lines, which range from beginner to advanced. I am still considered an intermediate biker, so it was great for me to progress through the different levels. They have a variety of features from ladder drops, jumps, rock gardens, and wall rides. Josh and Evan enjoyed the bigger lines, where they hit up to 30ft jumps. If your in for a good time and a beautiful environment, Canyons is the place to be. 
I am so excited that Canyons is now part of the Vail family,  now I get to use my Epic pass for a winter trip!

Check out this little edit I put together, watch the entire edit so you can see my epic fail at the end. It's part of biking:)

Thanks to Canyons for making this trip possible!

Just click on the link!

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