Tuesday, August 21, 2012

South American Adventure! Blog 1: Travel to Bariloche

Sorry, it took so long to start blogging about the South American adventure. We had an insane amount of travel to get here. From start to finish it began in Reno to San Francisco, Texas, Panama, Santiago, Buenos Aires, then finally Bariloche. Through this epic travel we rushed like crazy, almost missed flights, enjoyed many beers, and experienced little sleep.

We are three days in now. We are staying at a lodge right at the base of the Catedral Alta Patagonia. This place is amazing! The culture is beautiful. Very loving and most importantly patient. My lack of spanish has made me very shy and timid. Which for those of you that know me, that's probably hard to believe. Josh has been trying a lot more and starting to learn the basics. 

The terrain is beautiful. Spires of rock everywhere. Plenty of rocks to jump off and for the biggest obstacle of all, beginner snowboarders and skiers. They are everywhere! This resort is know for sick terrain, yet they seem to market towards beginners.Which leaves a lot of nice terrain untouched. We are both jonesing to get into so back country. You will see why when you check out the pics!

The snow is not great mid mountain, but up high the snow has been pretty good. Looking for new snow in the forecast, which I hope means powder!

We have had surprise after surprise when it comes to people. The snow industry seems to get smaller and smaller, the more you travel. Between the two of us we have ran into around a dozen people we have met traveling or home, in the States.

Excited about the rest of the adventures to come. Please keep checking out up dates. It's great to share our adventure!

More to come.... Red Bull Beyond the Line! Check it out online at

Chris, Nati, Casey, and Josh enjoying a beer at Jackson's after a fun day of shredding.

The village at Catedral Alta Patagonia
They dress trees up here!
I will never forget this yellow lab stealing a ski pole from this woman, and running around with it! 


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  2. Thanks for sharing your travel experience. I wish to have a Latin America travel too and share my experience after.